Satsang सत्संग

AIMC offers periodic Tuesday evening Satsang, a time of spiritual discourse, exploration, and inquiry with our community and teachers.

Satsang means being with truth in a sacred gathering of spiritual friends. The word comes from Sanskrit – “sat” means truth – and “sangha” is community of spiritual friends.

On the occasion of Satsang, you only need to offer your presence, openheartedness, and curiosity. This is a time to either share your questions or felt experience…or silently hold compassionate space for others.

In Satsang, you are invited to bring to the teachers, and each other…

~questions about your practice - obstacles, joys, techniques, how-tos;
~inquiries concerning the Dhamma and applying the teachings and practices to real issues occurring in your life;
~exploration of stuck places, transformative experiences, frustrations, and celebrations of practice.

It is not a time for doctrinal debate or intellectual volleying but instead is a space for open-hearted seeking and sharing of the truth of lived experience.

We hope you will join us! 

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