The AIMC Community

Atlanta Insight Meditation Community a is proud to be lead by our Practice Leaders, who thoughtfully and respectfully share the Dhamma teachings with us. Additionally, we are grateful for our Advisory Council, which ensures the continuing success of our gatherings, events, and manages the administrative functions of our Sangha.

Most importantly, we are a Community. Together, we look for ways to apply the insight gained from our meditation practice, as well as from the teachings on LovingKindess and compassion to issues of social, economic and enviornmental justice.

Our Teachers

Stephanie Swann
Founding Teacher

Stephanie Swann, PhD began her journey into meditation in 1988. After many fits and starts and experimenting with various methods and traditions, she began her daily practice in Vipassana meditation in 2008.

Of the many joys in this life, studying the Dhamma and practicing meditation are the greatest, she says. The other greatest joy is sharing the teachings with others. Stephanie has been a psychotherapist specializing in trauma treatment since 1996. Buddhist psychology, along with Interpersonal Neurobiology, plays a central role in her understanding of stress, suffering, and healing.

In addition, Stephanie has been teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction since 2010 and is one of only four certified instructors in the state of Georgia. She received her certification through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Stephanie is currently teaching mindfulness courses through Atlanta Mindfulness Institute, where she has created several classes in mindfulness for graduates of MBSR. Stephanie is a 2017 graduate of Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Entering the Path training and is currently a member of the Community Dharma Leaders Program (CDL6) through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She currently studies individually with Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia in the Theravada tradition.

Stephanie enjoys using gentle humor in her teaching and she invites her students to embrace the beautiful messiness of life, and to use this as a loving connection to fellow human beings. Stephanie lives in Decatur with her spouse Nancy, their three dogs, and one cat (who wishes he too were a dog).

Susan Reviere
Founding Teacher

Susan Reviere, PhD, has studied Buddhism and mindfulness/meditation practices for more than 30 years, initially exploring the Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen traditions before settling into her spiritual home in the Insight tradition. She has studied and practiced intensively through one-on-one mentoring, residential retreats, sutta study, and intensive study courses with Dori Langevin, Tara Brach & the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Lisa Ernst of One Dharma Nashville, Thanissara & Kittisaro & Sacred Mountain Sangha, Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia & Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Mindful Schools, and Awareness Training Institute (ATI).

Susan is a graduate of the 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and certified by ATI and UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, and she now serves as a mentor for this program training new teachers. She serves on the mentor team for several of Tara Brach's online mindfulness courses; and she mentors for the Sounds True Power of Awareness meditation training course also taught by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield. With the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Susan served as a mentor and facilitated IMCW's first online meditation group.

She is a clinical psychologist, offering both mindfulness-based psychotherapy and mindfulness/meditation mentoring.

Susan loves the Brahma Viharas and holds deep interest in the sacred feminine and devotional practice. Her passions are her family, Dhamma study, hiking, mountains, and music; and her commitments are open-heartedness, gratitude, environmental and social justice, and embodied spirituality. She finds joy in sharing these transformative teachings and hopes to transmit her love of the Dhamma to others on this path.

Dana Goldman

Dana Goldman is humbled to serve as a teacher for the Atlanta Insight Meditation Community. She began a daily meditation practice in 2013 after taking Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and practiced weekly with a sangha for about four years. She is now on the teacher-training pathway for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is privileged to assist with MBSR courses through Atlanta Mindfulness Institute. In addition, Dana is a 2018 graduate of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Entering the Path course.

During her first meditation retreat, Dana was surprised to learn that her name has a special meaning in Buddhist circles. Early Buddhist texts were written in the ancient language of Pali, and in that language “Dana” means “generosity.” Since then, Dana has worked to embody this meaning of her name, and sees her teaching through AIMC as a way to practice generosity.

Off the meditation cushion, Dana is a psychotherapist in the intown neighborhood of Kirkwood, a bicycle commuter, a morning person, and a lover of rescue dogs.  

2021 Advisory Council

Lynne Davis, Chair
Linda Smith, Secretary 
Kim Smith, Treasurer
Susan Barrett, Member at Large

Danno McDonald, Technology, Web and Internal Platforms 
Tina Von Busek, Technology, QA and External Platforms
Ronita Pace, Internal Communications
Tom Thrasher, Engaged Buddhism/Volunteer

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