Affinity Groups

Miriam Webster defines affinity groups as "a set of people having a common interest or acting together for a specific purpose".

As a broad mission, AIMC has an ongoing commitment to do our best to create and sustain a safe, inclusive space for everyone to share in the dhamma. In recognition of the challenges that even well-meaning predominantly white, straight, and cis institutions create for people with historically oppressed identities, we are committed to the supporting and encouraging affinity groups for members who share the same identity. These groups provide a space to gather and establish deeper connection. The creation of affinity groups will be generated by and through the membership.  

Healing our Racial Karma: Bringing Mindfulness Practice to the work of Anti-Racism 

In recognition of the deep, pervasive harm and suffering caused by white supremacy, we (a mostly white group of Sangha members) meet together on a regular basis to name and uproot the effects of white supremacy within us and among us. Through mindfulness practice and the sharing in the work of anti-racism, we support one another to identify individual actions and beliefs -- as well as formal and informal systems — that maintain white supremacy. We are actively striving to make changes internally and externally for the benefit of all beings.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter, and we support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

We often use book study as a starting point for our learning and discussion.

We meet every second and fourth Tuesday evening from 8:10 pm-9:10 pm, following our larger Sangha meeting, and all are welcome.

Readings have included:

Mindful of Race by Ruth King
America’s Racial Karma by Larry Ward
Love & Rage by Lama Rod Owens 

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