In Our Sangha, we practice Dana.

Dana is the Pali word for generosity. The Buddha described Dana as one of the highest forms of letting go. In giving freely we practice renunciation and further our understanding that the path to freedom is found through letting go, not accumulation.

We are grateful for any and all Dana as we are a fully volunteer supported group. Your donation helps pay our teachers for their generosity of service.

Dana can take other forms as well such as an offer of support or service to our Sangha or to another charity or need called by your heart. In addition, Dana can be as simple as providing a kind and warm welcome to new Sangha members.

In our Tuesday meetings, we will provide the PayPal/Venmo information for  Teacher Dana.  If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, please click here to send an email to one of our administrators.

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